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I've been terribly busy. Having a life and all that. (Scary, innit?)

  • Moving -- I think I've actually tied up all the details. Go fig.
  • Work -- going fine. Found out some product I personally handled is worth $1,900... Each. Gulp.
  • Car -- happily repaired. I may even buy the roof rack I've been needing to get for her, now that all the repairs are done.
  • SCA -- went to my first Mid-Willamette since the injury in May. Much more anti-climactic than I thought :) It was kind of ... denuded.
  • Fitness -- still have to find new gym and personal trainer. Alas. Have talked to contacts I have in community... of course THEY want the business, so must do it the Hard Way: Cold Calls. Bleargh.
  • Personal -- [info]herodocles is fabulous. And sexy. And funny. And awesomely trustworthy. And blushes most adorably.
    ...And MINE. Just sayin'.  bwuahahahahahahhahahaha.

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Nov. 5th, 2009 07:54 pm
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I took Beauvoir** the Volvo to the shop today and had some unpleasant (yet fortunate) repairs to make.

Unpleasant, as they were expensive. Fortunate in that they were better discovered now, than empirically at my usual Interstate speeds, at 4 a.m. through the passes.

1 Transmission Flush
2 front control bushings
1 Fog light and
1 bent rear stay later....
...I have a lovely dent in my pocketbook. I still have to get an alignment and two tires. Goodness, I'm glad I have that FSA check in my account.

Plus, I made appointments to take Ye Olde Vesta-Body to her various shops, too. So we should have that taken care of by the end of the year as well (before the bleedin' insurance changes. Again. For the worse. :P)

This repairs plan is awfully expensive and rather annoying. But it sure beats the alternative.

**Named for Jacqueline Beauvoir Kennedy Onassis, for the simple elegance of line in the 2001 Volvo. Although I seriously debated calling her Helena (Ravenclaw), since I often refer to her as the Grey Lady...Why, yes, I AM a Potter-phile, why do you ask?
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...that having to buy tires can clean out your savings account?
Crimeny! At least it's the day before payday....

...there are no emergency alignments available at Les Schwab?
You have to make a bleedin' appointment...'s still cheaper than hitting the breaks and being rear-ended would've been?
Thankfully, the d*mn thing was already dead. :P
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Have a tire blow spectacularly while you are (as usual) driving too fast in a construction zone, said construction zone being where they narrow two wide lanes into one, braced on both sides with concrete barriers. So, while your new (to you) Volvo is going *shudder*shudder*pull-to-the-right*, the semi behind you isn't slowing down either....

I loves me my AAA.

I'm fine. The car is fine. Even the rim is fine.

I have 4 new tires!!!! 


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