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The Rhino Discussion is bearing fruit. One of them is this message I rec'd today:
Hey Vesta--have I said or done anything rude after I have legged you in fighting?

The simple answer--the one requested, however implicitly--is "Of course not."

The problem is...This is the Wrong Question.
The question should be: have you ever seen me behaving dishonorably on the field?

Because this kind of finely tuned question always comes from those who know, deep down, that they have done wrong but they can't bear to look at that part of themselves, so they must hem it in with particulars. Like politicians do.

I did not have sex with that woman... if I define sex in this particular way.
I did not behave dishonorably on the field... if I define dishonorable behavior in this particular way.

Because every fighter has made that error. Every one. At least once. Where they don't feel it because their blood's up, or the f*cker won't take a shot from anyone without a white belt, or they're too good to die to N00bs in Crown, or, or, or... And it's one thing to make a mistake. Because we all do. You fight long enough, you'll make that mistake.

The honorable fighter will resolve to not do it again for the rest of the tournament, and holds true.
The dishonorable fighter always has a reason for why it wasn't a mistake, really. The other guy should have--well, whatever the Other Guy was at fault for.

There are always, too, the true flowers of chivalry: the ones who make sure, great tournament or small, that when they err--they publically acknowledge it. To both their opponent and to the crowd. "I didn't feel that at first--the fight is yours. Well struck!"

How do I answer? How can I say, No to the question I'm asked and Yes to the one I should have been asked?
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I promised a few people a break down of my fights at Coronet this last weekend so, as promised :) here they are:

Details )
So, that was the fighting at Coronet. I'll probably still be processing stuff for the next week.
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was a very good weekend.

Third in Coronet.
Lists numbered 22 fighters.
Only people who defeated me? The finalists.

"What if you fight Vesta?"
"I don't know [if I'll win], but at least it'll be clean."

Told of later:
She said: "I heard fighters armoring up and they were saying, 'Crap, I drew Vesta. I have to fight Vesta. Crap!'"

Yeah. I'll take that.

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Seems like I'm one of the few people who had a good time at Coronet this past weekend.

My tent stayed 98% dry (getting some seam leaks on my 8? 9? year old Panther), I slept very warm (yay sheepskins!), I had good clean fights and got to see some warm fuzzy moments. Yeah, it was cold, but the fire was warm. I wasn't lonely at all and I only had to escape the drumming once (there's just something about those big doumbeks that hurts). 

Friday, I was the last of the group on-site. 
Saturday, the tournaments

After that loss, I was out, so I was free to think of the other thing I'd had planned for the weekend.
Yeah. *nod of satisfaction* Yeah.
Saturday, the evening

Sunday, the pack up
Went fairly well. And was 98% un-eventful. Best way to end an event.
Keterlin thinks I ended up with a mild case of hypothermia. I think I got a cold, with fever. That was pretty much the excitement for Sunday.
So that was Coronet.
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So here's the gruesome! 


I took this Sunday night, when I changed the dressing and had a long and lovely shower. As you can see, I really lucked out and missed all the important stuff: bones, ligaments, tendons. Everything works, it all wiggles just fine. It aches a little, especially by the end of the day if I can't elevate it once in a while, but all in all? The mutant healing factor is working great. I slept like a log for a few nights and that seemed to do the trick, as per usual. I'll keep posting progress photos as it goes along. You'll have to pardon the hammer toes and other podiatrical deformities.


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