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So, I blame this on Vixy and Tony. Really. Their cover of Ned Cave's "Red Right Hand" was playing in the car and *pop* one of the lyrics erupted in my head and there I was, attempting to filk lyrics and drive at the same time.

Don't know the song? Here's a live performance:

Big Blue Box is a Doctor Who filk. I've been thinking about The Doctor for a while lately--and I think I've identified why I don't like the new series.

Big Blue Box
Take a little walk through the city streets
down to the river side
Where the London Eye looms like a wheel of doom
and the Angels hide.
Where secrets lie, with a quiet sigh, and you'll always try
'cause you know
you'll never see him twice.
Just a hint, just a clue, just a word of ad-vice:
He's the Oncoming Storm and the Breaker of Locks
with his long dark coat and his
Big Blue Box.

He'll grab you by the hand and say
you've been a good child
He'll rekindle all those dreams you had that
drove your parents wild
He'll reach into that hole, heal your shrinking soul
and there won't be a single thing
that you can do.
He's a myth, he's a man, he's a god
he's a gu-ru.
They whisper his name from the Palace to the docks
with his long dark coat and his
Big Blue Box.

Planet been conquered?
He'll set you free.
Fear for the future?
He'll let you see.
Got some Cybermen, or Daleks--again?
You better listen up
he's on his way:
through all time, through all space
from the deepest heart of Gallifrey.
That shadow is cast wherever he walks
with his long dark coat and his
Big Blue Box.

They've got him in their nightmares
You'll get him in your dreams
He appears out of nowhere but he's not
what he seems.
You'll see him in your head, on your TV screen
and you do what he tells you to do.
He's a myth, he's a man, he's a god
he's a gu-ru.
There's no Conquering Foe he can't out-fox
inhis long dark coat and his
Big Blue Box.

"You wrote a Doctor Who filk and you don't even like it?
I've adored Doctor Who since the early 80s. I don't like NuWho. And I think I finally figured out why....

I got distracted at first: )

And there are the reasons I dislike NuWho.
I feel better now that I've articulated it.

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 Here's a petty rant re: the New Doctor Who.

There. Got it out.

I hated it in Harry/Hermione. I hated it in Xena/Gabrielle. And I hate it here.


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