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That was purty.
You can read about here: Mary, Queen of Scots Sampler

PS: Laurellen is very good about SEO. I kneel and knock my forehead against the floor three times. It disturbs me when my work life and my SCA life cross pollinate like that.
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ETA: Fleeces and wool are clean and currently boxed up in her storage shed.
Cross-post and forward anywhere you think folks will be interested.

A co-worker of mine is interested in getting rid of her fleece. She's a spinner herself, but can't use it all, with the number of animals she has. She's open to sell, trade, etc. 

Email or message me, and I'll give you her contact information (which I won't put on an unlocked post)

My email is optia_vesta (at) yahoo (dot) com

We're here in Southern Oregon, but you know me, I go places. I will be at July Coronation, Sport of Kings and September Crown.

Her name is Sabra (SAY-brah), and she writes:

 What I have:

Shetland and Shetland cross wool – brown (varying shades), creamy white, silver/black (most of this is very soft wool) a couple of the sheep are crossed with Lincoln sheep and their fiber is a little coarser and great for rugs or heavy use.

 Fine texture mohair – white, taupe, faded red, black and black/silver 

I have kid and yearling fleeces in the mohair and lambs fleeces for spinners and fiber artists.  

This is kind of exciting with the fiber possibilities. Three years ago I was selling to doll makers and some spinners (besides my friends) from a Yahoo group and “met” some great people and felt like all that hay I am buying was going to good use. The kid mohair and lambs fleeces are limited in number but I will deal with that when I see what people may want.

Several white fleeces that are 6” long and great for doll makers. 

And, thanks, this is great and I am excited to see who can use this stuff besides me. 

She's taking care of her 85-year-old stepmom, working full time and feeding all these critters. So anything you can do to pay her for her stuff would be awesome.
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I'm more putting this here as a linkie for me, as I have a number of mystery fabrics myself....

It's a description of someone doing the burn test on her mystery fabric collection...

Nifty. One year, one of the highschool students did her geology paper on this sort of thing -- except with gemstone cabochons. She tested a slew of cabochons under Heat, Cold, Battery Acid and Blunt Force. It was pretty interesting, too...


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