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So, I blame this on Vixy and Tony. Really. Their cover of Ned Cave's "Red Right Hand" was playing in the car and *pop* one of the lyrics erupted in my head and there I was, attempting to filk lyrics and drive at the same time.

Don't know the song? Here's a live performance:

Big Blue Box is a Doctor Who filk. I've been thinking about The Doctor for a while lately--and I think I've identified why I don't like the new series.

Big Blue Box
Take a little walk through the city streets
down to the river side
Where the London Eye looms like a wheel of doom
and the Angels hide.
Where secrets lie, with a quiet sigh, and you'll always try
'cause you know
you'll never see him twice.
Just a hint, just a clue, just a word of ad-vice:
He's the Oncoming Storm and the Breaker of Locks
with his long dark coat and his
Big Blue Box.

He'll grab you by the hand and say
you've been a good child
He'll rekindle all those dreams you had that
drove your parents wild
He'll reach into that hole, heal your shrinking soul
and there won't be a single thing
that you can do.
He's a myth, he's a man, he's a god
he's a gu-ru.
They whisper his name from the Palace to the docks
with his long dark coat and his
Big Blue Box.

Planet been conquered?
He'll set you free.
Fear for the future?
He'll let you see.
Got some Cybermen, or Daleks--again?
You better listen up
he's on his way:
through all time, through all space
from the deepest heart of Gallifrey.
That shadow is cast wherever he walks
with his long dark coat and his
Big Blue Box.

They've got him in their nightmares
You'll get him in your dreams
He appears out of nowhere but he's not
what he seems.
You'll see him in your head, on your TV screen
and you do what he tells you to do.
He's a myth, he's a man, he's a god
he's a gu-ru.
There's no Conquering Foe he can't out-fox
inhis long dark coat and his
Big Blue Box.

"You wrote a Doctor Who filk and you don't even like it?
I've adored Doctor Who since the early 80s. I don't like NuWho. And I think I finally figured out why....

I got distracted at first: )

And there are the reasons I dislike NuWho.
I feel better now that I've articulated it.

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I wrote this a number of years ago, posted to way back then and then forgotten about it.
But I saw the notes on Holocaust Remembrance Day and I remembered it again.

@me, 1998

We met in the cattle car in the spring of '43
Three young girls, frightened and alone.
Crushed into a corner, we vowed to stick together:
Hannah and Athena and Simone.

Simone was a Roma, Athena was a stranger,
And Hannah, that was me, I was the Jew.
We all had lost our families in the Kristallnacht:
The stranger and the Gypsy and the Jew.

CHORUS:  I didn't know what to call her,
                  My Yiddish had no words
                  And the *goyish* words I had would never do
                  We met in Bergen-Belsen when the Nazis sent us there:
                  The stranger and the Gypsy and the Jew.

The Nazis took our jewelry, the Nazis took our clothing
Even pulled the fillings from our jaws
But Athena wore a silver star only we could see
A blindness for which there was never cause.

The Nazis called us Juden, they sent us to the showers
But never noticed that we weren't there
Athena's eyes were closed as she held us to our corner
Murmuring unknown words of prayer.


She used the star to bribe a guard in April '45
And our barracks wasn't gassed that day
Athena died that evening, we heard her final promise
And watched her shining silver eyes go grey.

The sunrise brought the Allies, the British in their tanks
The prison guards shot themselves in fear
Simone found the guardsman, retrieved the silver star
Weeping where she thought I could not hear.


Now Simone and I in Tel Aviv have come to plant the tree
Which honors those who save a Jewish life
We have both had children and they have all had children
And my granddaughter is Simone's grandson's wife.

And they have brought their daughter, a charming child of five
And from long ago, a distant mem'ry jars
And we both recall a promise that we all would meet again
In a child's eyes that shine like silver stars.

CHORUS 2:  What would my rabbi call her? Our Hebrew has no words
                     And the English words we have would never do
                     We met in Bergen-Belsen when the Nazis sent us there:
                     The stranger and the Gypsy and the Jew.
                     The stranger and the Gypsy and the Jew.

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"The movies were speaking; the market was peaking.
  We lived off the fat of the land.
But the banquet was ending, a plague was descending,
  the day of the locusts at hand.
But down at the Bijou bitter gall became brandy,
 and humble pie turned into cotton candy."

"America was standing in bread lines,
Dillinger was stealing all the headlines,
 but down at the Bijou people said lines
     like Boop Boop Be-Doop, Boop Boop Be-Doop."

"Thru the dust bowl the black winds were wailing,
 the rivers were rising, Ohio was bailing,
 but little Shirley Temple always had clear sailing
     on board the good ship Lollipop."

"Andy Hardy never had to go hungry.
There was no bank panic at Tarzan's branch.
Il Duce and the Fuehrer couldn't have been obscurer
 on the Planet Mongo or the Melody Ranch."

I loved Matinee at the Bijou on PBS...

Not only was it fun, I discovered I prefer Hayes Commission Era films (the dialogue is made of awesome). They're a guilty pleasure. Where the heroes and heroines are as interesting as the villians...or, as Tom puts it in Rocket Ride:
"I want more than 'Action! and Special Effects!'
 I wanna think about what might happen next
 I want a hero -- not a weapon shop with pecs
 I want a heroine -- not the excuse for sex..."

One of my coworkers loves movies. All movies. Any movies. Even the ones that are so horrible she thinks they're stupid. She still loves them.


Yah, not so much ;)

What's the best movie you've seen in the past 12 months?

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List the names of up to ten bands you
a) least suspect your f-list has heard of BUT that
b) you actually actively listen to on a regular basis. This is not a “show how many obscure band you know of”. You have to have listened to them within the past two months to qualify.


I have to confess, I tend to listen to slightly obscure people. Okay, more than slightly. :) And far from mainstream.
I think the only band I've actually listened to in the past 2 months is Phoenyx. You know, the now-defunct band that did March of Cambreadth (not the new British band).

1) Leslie Fish (and the DeHorn Crew)
The grande dame herself. Anarchist, Wobbly, Author, Filker... Fish is breeding cats for intelligence and polydactylism. The DeHorn Crew (now defunct, I think) and Fish did the very first Filk Album: Folk Songs for Folks Who Ain't Even Been Yet. Sometimes, I think I should lock her and my knight in a room together and sit outside and listen to either the shouting or the plotting...*hee* Get some samples at FishSongs.

2) Jim Brannigan

Here's a folkie from across the pond -- lovely singing voice, lovely lilting accent. I found him waaaaaaaaay back when I could still access at work. He was bundled in with some other singers in a Celtic folk sample. I haven't been able to find his albums, but I keep trying... Take a listen at JimBrannigan on

3) Echo's Children
Here's a group! (also defunct) How I adore(d) their music. If there's a fandom about it, they've written a song. I knew them before their first album. It was... local. Both the performers (Cat and Callie) were from Eugene/Adiantum, and even went to Egil's a few times. These days, Cat (formerly known as Spaulding the Slayer the woman who used a sling and tennis balls) is married and living in Meridies and she doesn't SCA at all. Callie's up in Portland. Not sure what she's doing... You can get stuff at Echo'sChildren

4) Michael Longcor
He's also SCA -- you might know him as Duke Moonwulf of the Midrealm -- but I didn't know that for years. First song of his I ever heard was Pillar of Hell, from the post-Challenger days. Such a lovely, rumbly voice, he does sly humor and seething rage and sardonic truth-dealing. If "Jim Rockford" sang, he'd sing like Longcor. Plus? He's adorable :) Just sayin' .... You can get more at FireBird Arts and Music of MichealLongcor

5) Helen Reddy
Yes, I Am Woman. and no, I still can't hit those notes. She's the first singer I learned could do something besides sing -- I saw her in Pete's Dragon with my godparents and recognized her voice....

6) Jim Croce
Might as well mention Jim, too. I don't remember ever not knowing Jim Croce songs. My mom used to play him on 8-track :) Two years ago, I bought the 50th Anniversary set (2 CDs) and learned even more songs that I hadn't known. (I was very excited.) Croce was a storyteller, and I do love my stories....

7) Pat Humphries
Ooooo! Someone contemporary! I actually got turned on to Humphries by [ profile] murasaki99 , here on LJ. We were swapping music recommendations and after I pointed her to #10, she returned the favor and pointed me to Humphries. There's a flavor of 60s protest music (which I always liked) here, with modern topics. I wish Humphries would do some covers of other songs, just to hear her take on them.... Take a listen at Emma'sRevolution

8) Jason Mraz
I got turned on to Mr. A to Z by a coworker -- we occassionally do these music exchanges, and the rules are, if you like the tunes, you go and buy the album. The thing I love about Mraz's writing is that not only is he telling a story, he's playing games with language. He used the word "predicate" -- like the predicate of a sentence -- in a SONG! Music for language geeks. With a beat. *hee*

9) Heather Alexander/Alexander James Adams
I haven't actually heard Alec yet, but I've listened to Heather long enough, so I included them both. Both sides. Before and after. Cr*p -- I don't have the proper language for discussions like this. Anyway -- love the music. Heather was lead singer of Phoenyx (yes, the March of Cambreadth -- see above -- Phoenyx), before heading off to a solo career. And also, from what I understand, THE REASON (or would that be THE ROADBLOCK?) that they couldn't re-issue the Keepers of the Flame album. Which I find rather selfish and disgruntling. :P Anyway, get more info and links at HeatherLands

10) Tom Smith
Good ghod, how do I describe Tom? Pee-my-pants-funny and scratch-my-head-wierd and burst-into-tears-heartbreaking...Tom's done it all. I've hurt my knight's brain with Tom's I Want To Be Peter Lorre and made people cry with Tom's A Boy and His Frog. When Tom was injured last year, I bought every album he had, so he could pay his medical bills. Including his Superhero Musical Last Hero on Earth. (You should totally go listen to What If...). Find him on TomSmithOnline. And, oh -- you've been warned....


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