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Sometime between Xmas and New Years, a certain somebody who shall be named frequently in this post ([ profile] herodocles  I'm looking at you) and I were talking about Valentine's Day. And I mentioned that I was excited about Valentine's Day this year, because I get to participate and  I (hesitantly) mentioned that I enjoyed "having a fuss made" about it.

I know that isn't true of everyone. For a lot of folks, Valentine's Day is something to avoid. Or dismiss. There's a lot of people who are angry about it, or feel cynical about it being a mere moneymaking device by the card, flower and candy companies.

My philosophical maunderings... )

Ah, but you wanted to hear about what we did, right? Not my philosophical maunderings...

The weekend's events )

What a wonderful weekend. Thanks to a wonderful man.
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I had a lovely Solstice and a fabulous Mithras Natalis. I hope you all did, too. I spent the last 10 days being slothful with [ profile] herodocles -- it was very enjoyable. As far as I can tell, he liked all his presents. *hee*

Swanned about Eugene and Springfield on various days with [ profile] trudchen  and [ profile] fearga . This involved copious amounts of tea and conversation. Nom.

Plus, they graciously fed me. I will be revenged, however. With chocolate. Muahaha.

Went hot-tubbing with [ profile] trudchen  and [ profile] hrothgar1 . Got the tour of [ profile] lady_anyanka 's and [ profile] hrothgar1 's workplace. (Nice digs!)

Toddled off to socialize with [ profile] scarywoman , Durin, [ profile] visceridwen  and [ profile] scarywoman's mom, at [ profile] scarywoman's mom's house. Dinner provided by Fezzic. Nom.

Visited [ profile] missypumpkin to get measured for my Tudor undergarments.

Then we attended the annual Caer Lutris New Year's Party with [ profile] herodocles , [ profile] hrothgar1 , [ profile] grian_ruadh , [ profile] shiningmoon , [ profile] elfie_chan , [ profile] alysaundre , [ profile] lady_anyanka , [ profile] corvideye , [ profile] bethpeters3 , [ profile] ariadne3 , [ profile] amycat1959 , [ profile] blaze2242, [ profile] ceruleanfleur , [ profile] jupiterorbit and [ profile] horsefriend2  (Plus many outside LJ-land). Drank real eggnog, played Apples to Apples, munched cookies, gave and received prezzies, was amused by other prezzies (ZOMBIES!), and generally had a grand time. Twas much fun.

There was only one dark spot on my holiday. )

The really happy thing was that my sister called. She'd been incommunicado for a while, I thought she was on a mission or something, She was just in the hospital. Yeep.  LOVE YOU SIS!!!
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Yea, verily I shall be there.

I know I shall likely see [ profile] elfie_chan, [ profile] alysaundre, [ profile] shiningmoon, [ profile] janabard, [ profile] grian_ruadh, [ profile] corvideye  and [ profile] hrothgar1  there.

Who else? [ profile] ariadne3? [ profile] arianadream?

I shall be there (possibly even with bells on), with [ profile] herodocles in tow (poor man!).
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December 29th, Tuesday
December 30th, Wednesday

Where should we go?
What should we do?
Where should we eat?
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Xmas and New Years!

In Adiantum!

I wanna see so many of you...who's interested in a get-together?
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They're not Christmas cards, since I know a lot of folks who celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Yule/Solstice, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Saturnalia, Mithradi, etc. So mine tend to be Season's Greetings type cards.

So, you wants the card, the precious? I needs the snailmail address! Replies will be screened for your safety!

Happy Hols!
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Lovely weekend spent with Unorthodox Manor (yet, in a rather orthodox manner, which may rather defeat the point, but who knows?). Cliff Notes version:

Drove to Adiantum for Wednesday Night Fighter Practice (as per usual).
Crashed at home of [info]hrothgar1, [info]corvideye and TehKnigget (as per not-so-usual but possibly becoming habitual) for Wednesday night.

Thursday morning slept in, then puttered about reading Smithsonian, National Geographic and Archaelogy magazines. Was inducted into the Church of Bull Durham (shameful thing for Squire to not have been previously inducted, apparently). Helped peel potatoes. Was then consigned to Being Guest. Near dinner, was attacked hugged by [info]grian_ruadh, [info]shiningmoon and [info]janabard (petting of hair included, no extra charge). Then[info]corvideye familial members arrived. Devoured excellent cooking of hostesses. Groaned on way to sofa. Watched Silverado. Ate pie. Groaned more. Guests went *poof*. I went *flop*.

Friday and Saturday involved Sleeping In. Days spent at Eugene Holiday Market, wherein I
a) harrassed [info]scarywoman at her booth
b) ate food very, very, very Bad For Me (cheesecake!!!!)
c) went around looking at beading booths (on Friday), and
d) went around in my Fire Mountain Gems employee jacket and peered at beading booths (on Saturday).
(Option (d) was Very Entertaining.)
Also harassed Second Baroness of Adiantum and poor, unfortunate blonde Duke. :) bwuahahahaha
Saturday also included Adiantum Fighter Practice (yay! *TWO* in a week!!!) and the Buying of the Macallans.
Saturday wrapped up with Turkey Soup and 12-year-old Scotch and Babylon 5.

Sunday was trip to Trader Joe's (as per usual). Have heard that a TJ's is going in down here in Talent. Much squeefulness, twould that occur. Oh The Bliss! And the drive home, surrounded by crazy drivers who think going 67mpg means it's okay to Never Move Out of the Left Lane. *rolls eyes* Arrived home to discover ScooterKitty SatanKitty really missed me.... (no, I don't trust the little psycho either).

And finally, although it came from my FList, I never actually did this (Sounds like a bad SF movie: It Came From the FList!!! bumDAAAAAAHdum!!!):

Your rainbow is strongly shaded white and indigo.


What is says about you: You are a contemplative person. You appreciate cities, technology, and other great things people have created. People depend on you to make them feel secure. Friends count on you for being honest and insightful.

Find the colors of your rainbow at


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