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Much tackleglomping occurred.

Two pieces of my coat hand sewn.
Munchies done et.
Sunburn acheived.

Forgot my sushi and juice in the fridge on site :(
Wah. no breakfast :(

Lovely drive home in the marmalade-gold twilight, windows down, smell of cut grass in the air.
*sigh of happiness*

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So there's been a discussion on [ profile] ayeshadream 's LJ about the Sergeantry. I used the term Peerage Lite(tm). A number of people seem bothered by that and I'm not sure why.

From what I've seen, the three Great Orders are something the Crown throws at you if you don't dodge fast enough :)  when they catch you doing a great job at something you love to do. During the Peerage ceremony, they activate a Responsibility Chip(tm) and change your language from "Maybe I'll..." to "I should...." Afterwards, you're held to the standards of not only yourself, but the perceptions of what "someone in your position ought to be." You expect to serve, to teach, and to lead by example. You expect that some people will look down on you, or disrespect you, because you don't meet their idea of what you ought to be.

And you know that some of the people who are considered your fellows are people you would rather wish weren't. And others will be people that you only wish you could even be, and you're grateful they're around, to show you how much further you can grow. You'll be disappointed, and frustrated, and sometimes even angry about the former; and wondering and grateful and inspired and maybe even intimidated by the latter. And you know that you've come thus far, and there is further to go.

And you carry on, doing the stuff you were doing, because it makes you happy to be doing it and it needs to be done. Not to meet anyone's Acceptable List. And if you bump into other people who want to do the same stuff, you show them how you do it and they can decide if they find your method either a Shining Example or a Horrible Warning. :)

And that's how I see Sergeantry, too. I don't mean to make anybody upset -- I just don't understand what's wrong with it.


Oct. 20th, 2008 05:24 pm
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Interesting opening discussion on the An Tirian Sergeantry

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At work, I developed this section of the company newsletter, where we list 10 Cool Things about different departments (and it's a different department each month).

Are you a Sergeant At Arms in An Tir?
Well, you ought to try it -- it's FAH-BU-LOUS! And here's why:

10) Get to wear awesome tabards at War
  9) Always have people to hang out with
  8) Big Green (a) becomes a Family Friend
  7) OP is just a smidge higher than plain old squires (and some of them get sooooo whiny about it!)
  6) Chance to write huge research paper
  5) Trials leave you with Neato Stuff to share
  4) Scary understanding of heraldry (b)
  3) You know you CAN do all those things required of Knights, even if you don't LIKE to do them (c)
  2) You get to meet and know a ton of people of various abilities, interests, ranks, etc. And they get to know you.
  1) Belt is a Cool Fashion Statement (d)

(a) Big Green is the Barony of Adiantum's Baronial Tentage. It is ... quixotic enough to have been properly named.
(b) You know it's bad when you start talking herald-ese at work, trying to describe this coat-of-armsy bead/pendant thing someone has
(c) Dancing is not my friend(tm)
(d) And you can collect the whole set, if you stick with enough Baronesses...!
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This came to me. I was asked for a response.

> > From what I have seen done in the past once a Baroness steps down down, her Sergeants are no longer Sergeants.
> > The fealty was to the Baroness personally and not to the Barony. A new Baroness may or may not extend an
> > invitation to former Sergeants to be her Sergeants. If she does, the former Sergeant may elect to not become a
> > Sergeant for the new Baroness.
> >
> > Sergeantry is not an official position within the Society. It is considered retinue from my understanding.
> > Myself personally, my loyalty was to Baroness _________. It will always be so. I do not wish to nor will I transfer my
> > loyalty to another Baroness. If this means I am no longer officially a Sergeant then so be it.
> > A title is just other peoples words.
> > *smile*"

After I got over the shock, I wrote the following reply:


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