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The Rhino Discussion is bearing fruit. One of them is this message I rec'd today:
Hey Vesta--have I said or done anything rude after I have legged you in fighting?

The simple answer--the one requested, however implicitly--is "Of course not."

The problem is...This is the Wrong Question.
The question should be: have you ever seen me behaving dishonorably on the field?

Because this kind of finely tuned question always comes from those who know, deep down, that they have done wrong but they can't bear to look at that part of themselves, so they must hem it in with particulars. Like politicians do.

I did not have sex with that woman... if I define sex in this particular way.
I did not behave dishonorably on the field... if I define dishonorable behavior in this particular way.

Because every fighter has made that error. Every one. At least once. Where they don't feel it because their blood's up, or the f*cker won't take a shot from anyone without a white belt, or they're too good to die to N00bs in Crown, or, or, or... And it's one thing to make a mistake. Because we all do. You fight long enough, you'll make that mistake.

The honorable fighter will resolve to not do it again for the rest of the tournament, and holds true.
The dishonorable fighter always has a reason for why it wasn't a mistake, really. The other guy should have--well, whatever the Other Guy was at fault for.

There are always, too, the true flowers of chivalry: the ones who make sure, great tournament or small, that when they err--they publically acknowledge it. To both their opponent and to the crowd. "I didn't feel that at first--the fight is yours. Well struck!"

How do I answer? How can I say, No to the question I'm asked and Yes to the one I should have been asked?
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So, as a side convo on [ profile] fearga's LJ, some Summiteers and Avacalians were talking about Royal Presence and Dealing with Kingdom Central.

I suggested to [ profile] ya_inga that maybe it was time for the outlying areas to talk about what some of the problems are -- comparing notes. [ profile] copper_oxide asked if Inlands could be included in this sibling rivalry.


[Poll #1090391]

Let's see what the issues in common are, and which ones seem to be unique to their particular regions. Then we can identify causes and possibly offer solutions.

I'd like to ask that this not turn into what's been sarcastically called "mom and dad love us least" contest. That's not to say "no complaints." Because what we're addressing are going to be addressing complaints. But we don't have to make it into a case of hopelessness.
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I had been requsted to forward this email to the Summits mailing list: 

Then I thought...hrm. I have thoughts on this, too.

On the one hand, they're not entirely polite.
On the other hand, I'm tired of tip-toeing around the freakin' elephant.

I've heard from the fighter who posed the question that he'd gotten only two responses from this email.
One, from the Princess, thanking him for backing her play.
The other, from his own knight (who he'd cc'd).
That's it.

No surprise, really.

Why not? )

The Shield of Chivalry wasn't given out this last Coronet.
What a wasted opportunity. 
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MasterPeer Theatre
MasterPeer Theatre is a tradition of the Principality of the Summits, in the Kingdom of An Tir. Uniquely, the Peers of the Summits hold a single joint meeting at the 4 principality events: March Coronet, Summer Investiture, September Coronet and Winter Investiture/11th Night. (What they do between times, I'm not sure, but I do hear a lot of evil laughter and cussing coming from [profile] snortinsnorrie's computer room.)
What is MasterPeer Theatre?
It's where we non-peers sit in our comfiest chairs, with our preferred beverages, carrying along projects or notepads, and watch the Peers of the Summits have their Peerage Meeting. We imitate them, we torment them, we laugh at them, we laugh at them laughing at us, and we laugh at them laughing at us laughing at them. Each of us picks a peer to imitate and follows their every move and gesture -- and the Peers have to guess who is playing who (or, at least, who is playing them!).
From what I understand, we liven up their boring meetings. Sometimes, we're the only bright light they have, judging by TehGrimExpressions on Peerly faces. We even have games, where everyone shifts one Peer to the left (or right), or we elect the Anti-Peer (the one who gets to come join us!) and we give the Peerage scorecards at the end (I always Russian Judge, da!).
In a nutshell? We sit across from the Peers in their Peerage Meeting and Mock Them.
How did MasterPeer Theatre begin?
As I remember it..... it was in Corvaria, at the LaPine site. Sveyn Egilsson had just become a Pelican (it was his first meeting) and the Gwilym issue was happening. The Peerage Meeting was on Saturday after the Tourney but before the Investiture -- and before dinner. The meeting ran long. Too long.
Durin was stepping up and he hadn't had dinner yet and he was getting cranky. I remember going from camp to camp seeing what people were doing while waiting. At Marian and Ambrose's encampment, Grian (Grainne, then) was also restive. Durin started drinking (on an empty stomach).
Someone, I'm not sure who (but I think it was me), had the idea to go stare at the Peers until they got the hint that it was time to Wrap It Up. Someone else said, "Why not get Everyone to do it?"
The first MasterPeer Theatre was called PeerPeering (Peering at the Peers in their Peerage Meeting). It was, basically, a loud obnoxious party across the clearing from the Peerage Meeting. They eventually realized we were there and we had a great time watching them have a bad time.
(Yes, we NonPeers are evil.)
After that resounding success, the next available opportunity was at March Coronet of the following year (at Winter Investiture/11th Night, Peerage Meetings are held in a closed room, so we can't observe them. Dang it).
And it's been a Summits Tradition ever since.
So what's the Problem?
Now, some people find MasterPeer Theatre offensive or disrespectful -- or both. I believe that the people who find MasterPeer Theatre offensive and/or disrespectful have Missed The Point (MTP) of MasterPeer Theatre (MPT): we razz our Peers because we like them and because we respect them. If we had a cool and cordial respect for them, that would create division and distance. We have to be able to work together as a team, where non-peers can correct a Peer on methodology or tact -- we all have different strengths. Summits is too small for that to be an efficient use of personnel; we don't have the bodies to burn to keep a barrier between our Peers and our non-peers. We can't afford the Summits to be about gods and followers.
So we keep the connection going between our Peers and we non-peers by letting both sides know we can come together and have fun together. We non-peers know that our Peers are big boys and girls and can take some teasing. Our Peers know that we non-peers are comfortable enough and relaxed enough around them to tease them -- and work with them, and play with them. It cuts down on Peer Fear. (Plus, we get teased back, too!) Finally, it lets the Summits non-peers have a chance to get together and talk, too. We share our ideas with each other, our passions, our notions, our plans, and we spark off of each other. We talk about what we think and where we're going and share information or ideas or plans.Sometimes, we have so much fun together ourselves that we totally forget about the Peers!
Start your own MasterPeer Theatre.
Do it with respect.
Do it with caring and a passion for Our Game.
But do it.


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