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[ profile] herodocles  came south to visit this past weekend and we were sitting on the sofa watching Mythbusters or Dirty Jobs or something. The house's cat Tigger had been delightedly head-butting, thigh-kneading and nostril-diving the captive apes/captive laps when he finally settled down on [ profile] herodocles' lap. In a few moments, herodocles made this noise... and said:

Now I know why women like cats.

I laughed so hard, poor Tigger ran away.

In other news:  my sister [ profile] koolknave is back in Korea, I have these awesome treats from [ profile] missypumpkin and my mother flipped off her respiratory therapist.

I think my mother is going to be one of the more fun ancestors for my nieces and nephews.
I hope one of them turns out to be a storyteller.

That is all. Carry on.
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I saw an episode of WW II in HD this weekend. Wow. Color footage from the 40s that they never showed in World At War. That's not really a "good" wow -- more like a... gah wow. Personal memoirs, interviews with surviving veterans (only 10% of those who served in WW II are still alive, including female service and nursing personnel). I'm glad they're doing interviews like that, and learning the "real" stories. Did you know there was openly acknowledged prostitution in Hawaii before and during WW II? (Me neither!) The "girls of Motel Street" in Honolulu were quite patriotic at $3.00 a trick.... *boggles*

I went to Egils work party on Saturday, for about four hours. I am TOTALLY not used to that bright thing in the sky anymore! Summer needs to get here slooooooowwwly, so I can adapt. Highlights of Saturday involved killing blackberry brambles with a katana (hey, my Knight has a low taste for high irony in machetes).

On other news, there really isn't any other news. News being horrible or catastrophic or divisive or otherwise rocky things. No news being good news, I guess you can say. I spend my weekdays writing product copy and articles (but mostly product copy). I spend my weekends with [ profile] herodocles. We don't do anything world-shattering -- talk, be sloppy romantic *g*, watch TV, play games (I iz BoggleQueen!), and wrassle. Wrasslin' is fun. Not THAT kind of wrasslin'... get your mind out of the gutter!

Plus, [ profile] herodocles enjoys NASCAR, so there's that chance to nap on Sunday mornings. No, really, we both end up falling asleep during the race. It's not really interesting until the last 40 laps or so, anyway. Unless there's a spectacular crash, which they show in slow-mo for the rest of the race, so you don't really miss anything. Although, it's probably not wise for me to watch auto racing just before I leave to drive 2.5 hours home...

So that's all the news that's fit to print. Well, all the news that's happening. I never realized how un-newsy happiness is. Maybe Tolstoy was on to something....
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You know, I really do miss that TV show.

Updates, etc. and so forth:

Moving -- looks like some of my mail STILL hasn't caught up to my new address. Bah. Lovely automated systems that take a year to freaking get a clue.
Work -- writing three articles simultaneously. Almost like pingpong with the brain. But more fun.
SCA -- 'tis the Black Months, and nobody wants to do anything or go anywhere. Witness the dearth of folks at Frostbite. *pfffttthhhht*
Personal -- one of the really nice things about [ profile] herodocles is that we're still finding things to talk about.
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I've been terribly busy. Having a life and all that. (Scary, innit?)

  • Moving -- I think I've actually tied up all the details. Go fig.
  • Work -- going fine. Found out some product I personally handled is worth $1,900... Each. Gulp.
  • Car -- happily repaired. I may even buy the roof rack I've been needing to get for her, now that all the repairs are done.
  • SCA -- went to my first Mid-Willamette since the injury in May. Much more anti-climactic than I thought :) It was kind of ... denuded.
  • Fitness -- still have to find new gym and personal trainer. Alas. Have talked to contacts I have in community... of course THEY want the business, so must do it the Hard Way: Cold Calls. Bleargh.
  • Personal -- [info]herodocles is fabulous. And sexy. And funny. And awesomely trustworthy. And blushes most adorably.
    ...And MINE. Just sayin'.  bwuahahahahahahhahahaha.
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I have been eated by da TimeSchlurper, and have been remiss on posting. In other words, I'm so busy having a life, I don't have any time to navelgaze about it. :)  But a quick update:

  • Moving -- still have to finalize some trailing details...
  • Work -- going splendidly. Working on some new products that are VERY high quality. Quite exciting!
  • SCA -- shoulder in good working order! Getting back into fighting trim
  • Fitness -- still have to find new gym and personal trainer. Alas. Have talked to contacts I have in community... of course THEY want the business, so must do it the Hard Way: Cold Calls. Bleargh.
  • Personal -- [info]herodocles is an awesome man. Just so you all know. And he's MINE. Bwuwahahahahahahaha.

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I announced a whole crapload of news!  Here are updates:
  • Moving, Part A -- thanks to [ profile] herodocles driving south to assist, I am 95% packed and ready to move
  • Moving, Part B -- need to finalize U-haul reservation and New Storage Unit, and sign contract for the new place
  • Work, Part A -- going splendidly. Get to volunteer to do stuff, because I'm whipping through my stuff fast enough
  • Work, Part B -- manager did her last day on Friday (maternity leave)....then proceeded to have daughter on Labor Day... her actual due date. Of course, we said, she had to. She'd written it on her planner, therefore it Would Occur! (Details for the interested: 6lbs, 15oz; 21" long, 18 hours of labor, no drugs, first child.)
  • SCA -- shoulder in good working order! Now, back in the saddle for fighting
  • Workouts (aka Moving, Part C) -- have to find new gym and personal trainer. Alas. Current trainer has no recommendations for my new C.O.R. (City Of Residence). So I must do it the hard way: hunt and find and talk. D'ya know how difficult it is to get people to understand this Arte we do?
  • Personal -- [ profile] herodocles is an awesome B.U. (Boyfriend Unit). For many and manifold reasons.
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Quickie update!

  • Work: Going quite well. Writing web copy galore.
  • SCA: Swung a stick last weekend, for the first time (in suit) since May. Got tired quickly, but no pain -- just some aches.
  • Health: Healing up nicely. Boyfriend attempted to give me germ, I think. HA! I keeeeeeeel it, in my 451Farenheit heat-generating slumber.
  • Mundane Life: Moving to Myrtleholt/Grants Pass. Have place to move. Will be moving weekend of September 26-27th. Now I have to pack, get a GP storage unit, arrange to rent a UHaul and organize my crew. I hope I HAVE a crew. :)  After moving three folks, I sure hope it gets returned....
  • Wait-a-minute...boyfriend?  Yup. Dating [ profile] herodocles.

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  • Work: Still in the Web Department SEO job. They had an interview last week. There were actually three candidates and one stepped out.
  • SCA: Currently broken, so no fighty. I haz pell nao! Did slow pell work with right arm. Lost a lot of muscle in that shoulder... it got tired just aiming the sword....
  • Health: Roommates managed to give me evil SoCal DeathGerm. *glares meaningfully at roommates* Missed War of the Trees because I was flat on my back wheezing through snot. Actually went to the doc and received real honest-to-goodness Sudafed. Spent the last three days mostly doused with NyQuil, starting at 7pm, waking once around midnight or so, taking another dose of NyQuil, and passing out til 7 or 8 am.
  • Neti Pot: is *wierd*... We're pouring salty warm water through our noses.... it doesn't hurt, it's just.... reminds me of a phrase from David Palmer's Emergence"Not painful, really, just...ew." Character was talking about removing a catheter. 
  • Mundane Life: Debating.... been invited to a Women's Retreat, in Mexico! Problem is? It's the same weekend as September Crown, and Crown's in Terra Pomaria...
Party on.

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Can you tell that I actually know who Tom Mix was? Yeah. Too many 1930s & '40s movie serials when I was a kid...

Some quick bullet points as to the current state of the life of the Vestinator:
  • Work: Still in the Web Department SEO job. Talked to company ownership. Did not burst into tears (but was close). Ownership says 3-4 weeks to get last two candidates through second interviews and make choices, hang in there. I have actually SEEN the new floorplan for the cubicles in the Marketing department and it includes Me. YAYNESS.
  • SCA: Currently broken, so no fighty. This is majorly depressing. I did not realize how much endorphins that was pumping through my system on a regular basis. Battling serious depression with only gym workouts. Not fun. But doing therapy on shoulder, eating ibuprofen, icing, stretching and glucosamine. May not be in repair for either Wars. This sucks.
  • Car: Just finished minor repairs (headlamp) with major costs. $400 for replacing the headlamp assembly unit. Because Volvo designed the car so you have to take the front bumper off first... I'm like WTF, Volvo? Clearly you do NOT have trucks flinging gravel down your roads....
  • Mundane Life: Currently exploring this "dating" thing. They are muggles, but hey. Gotta start somewhere, right? I've gone through so many changes in the past year and a half that I'm a significantly (albeit subtly) different person. So, seeing how this new person reacts.... very interesting!

That's about it.
Carry on.
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I've seen a number of folks using this format and, hey, I like bullet points, so I'm willing to give it a whirl...

Moi -- Feeling alright. Brain busy.

Work -- Buh. Brain full. I just got transferred (on the Wednesday before 12th Night) from Marketing (where I was doing social media and copywriting) to Web (where I'll be doing SEO/SEM schtuff). It's a whole new world (**insert Aladdin soundtrack here**). So I have two full suites of software to learn, and many many background info documents to read. The job was thrown at me. And, yes, I'm cognizant of the Great Opportunity and Learning Experience this is. That being said, I do like having a choice as to whether I'm taking a job or not.  Pfffffttttthhhhhht.
However, I do have the option, after 90 days, to say "Uhm, no. Not for me." Which is a relief.

Health -- I really need to do something about my feet. Like get new orthodics. Because I'm walking around on the balls of my feet again and having balance issues from that. Stoopid deformed feet.

SCA -- Which means fighting, mostly. Almost mostly. Mostly, really. Am now going back down the stairs to fix some bad form, which is always Damned Annoying. Also? Am going to find Jimmy Hoffa and stick my Self-Talk right next to him.
Also also? Need to take a look at Other Interests in the SCA. I have these occasional things I like and dive in, roll around in, produce something, and then leave. And really haven't found something that seizes me beyond that spasm. So much gives the feeling of "Mmmm, tried that. It's alright. It's okay. Brain not on fire. Heart not inspired. Next?"
How long did it take some of you to find Your Passion(s) in the SCA? How much bouncing around did you do?

Otherwise -- Feeling the wub. Marketing gals come to my new cubicle every morning for their daily hugs (it's tradition!) and to tell me, sadly, that it's Too Quiet in the room now. *heh* In fact, even the director of HR came by to see how I was doing. It's nice to feel valued. Especially after the horror of 2006-2007. (Bad times. Verra bad times.)
Also? 12th Night was very good for my soul. I love my Barony (**huggles Adiantum**).  I love my Principality (**huggles Summits**). And An Tir is just awesomely awesome (**gives Kingdom big smoochies**). 
Although I probably should apologize to Duchess Lao for tackle-hugging her, squeeing in her ear, and running off without being properly introduced...

Quote Tarot -- To die for a religion is easier than to live it absolutely. -- Jorge Luis Borges, Argentinian Poet and Essayist, 1899-1986


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