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I saw an episode of WW II in HD this weekend. Wow. Color footage from the 40s that they never showed in World At War. That's not really a "good" wow -- more like a... gah wow. Personal memoirs, interviews with surviving veterans (only 10% of those who served in WW II are still alive, including female service and nursing personnel). I'm glad they're doing interviews like that, and learning the "real" stories. Did you know there was openly acknowledged prostitution in Hawaii before and during WW II? (Me neither!) The "girls of Motel Street" in Honolulu were quite patriotic at $3.00 a trick.... *boggles*

I went to Egils work party on Saturday, for about four hours. I am TOTALLY not used to that bright thing in the sky anymore! Summer needs to get here slooooooowwwly, so I can adapt. Highlights of Saturday involved killing blackberry brambles with a katana (hey, my Knight has a low taste for high irony in machetes).

On other news, there really isn't any other news. News being horrible or catastrophic or divisive or otherwise rocky things. No news being good news, I guess you can say. I spend my weekdays writing product copy and articles (but mostly product copy). I spend my weekends with [ profile] herodocles. We don't do anything world-shattering -- talk, be sloppy romantic *g*, watch TV, play games (I iz BoggleQueen!), and wrassle. Wrasslin' is fun. Not THAT kind of wrasslin'... get your mind out of the gutter!

Plus, [ profile] herodocles enjoys NASCAR, so there's that chance to nap on Sunday mornings. No, really, we both end up falling asleep during the race. It's not really interesting until the last 40 laps or so, anyway. Unless there's a spectacular crash, which they show in slow-mo for the rest of the race, so you don't really miss anything. Although, it's probably not wise for me to watch auto racing just before I leave to drive 2.5 hours home...

So that's all the news that's fit to print. Well, all the news that's happening. I never realized how un-newsy happiness is. Maybe Tolstoy was on to something....
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I had a lovely Solstice and a fabulous Mithras Natalis. I hope you all did, too. I spent the last 10 days being slothful with [ profile] herodocles -- it was very enjoyable. As far as I can tell, he liked all his presents. *hee*

Swanned about Eugene and Springfield on various days with [ profile] trudchen  and [ profile] fearga . This involved copious amounts of tea and conversation. Nom.

Plus, they graciously fed me. I will be revenged, however. With chocolate. Muahaha.

Went hot-tubbing with [ profile] trudchen  and [ profile] hrothgar1 . Got the tour of [ profile] lady_anyanka 's and [ profile] hrothgar1 's workplace. (Nice digs!)

Toddled off to socialize with [ profile] scarywoman , Durin, [ profile] visceridwen  and [ profile] scarywoman's mom, at [ profile] scarywoman's mom's house. Dinner provided by Fezzic. Nom.

Visited [ profile] missypumpkin to get measured for my Tudor undergarments.

Then we attended the annual Caer Lutris New Year's Party with [ profile] herodocles , [ profile] hrothgar1 , [ profile] grian_ruadh , [ profile] shiningmoon , [ profile] elfie_chan , [ profile] alysaundre , [ profile] lady_anyanka , [ profile] corvideye , [ profile] bethpeters3 , [ profile] ariadne3 , [ profile] amycat1959 , [ profile] blaze2242, [ profile] ceruleanfleur , [ profile] jupiterorbit and [ profile] horsefriend2  (Plus many outside LJ-land). Drank real eggnog, played Apples to Apples, munched cookies, gave and received prezzies, was amused by other prezzies (ZOMBIES!), and generally had a grand time. Twas much fun.

There was only one dark spot on my holiday. )

The really happy thing was that my sister called. She'd been incommunicado for a while, I thought she was on a mission or something, She was just in the hospital. Yeep.  LOVE YOU SIS!!!


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