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There were certain things I wanted to note about my experience at Sport of Kings this year.
If any of these offend, I apologize right now. They're really really not meant to and I tried to be really clear that my concerns are with processes, not people. There are a few things that are offered as a critique -- not as a personal attack or anything.

ETA: LJ-Cut by special request.

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Well, now that I have the time, I want to write up my experiences with SoK. These are in No Particular Order.

Gods above and below, I adore this event. i always leave with my brain bursting. Next time, I WILL listen to Khalja and not overbook myself. Self -- Listen to Khalja!  I had to pass on Darius' class on Saturday afternoon -- my brain was just too full, even with all the notes I took. (Now, that was interesting. I took rather copious notes, being as i was attending for 7 others, and some of the instructors were very cool about it and some were rather nervous. An interesting change from previous years where instructors were actively DIScouraging note-taking. I enjoyed that change very much!)

The site, of course, is marvellous. One of these days I'm going to actually find the showers on-site and use them. Rather than washing my hair in a dishtub outside the perma-biffs.... All hail the perma-biffs. We loves them, yes we does.

But no party without a Punch, I suppose....

Sunday, Chiv Chat was interesting -- and it was particularly intriguing to hear the differences from Kingdom to Kingdom (as well as the similarities). I wish I had the cajones (or "goolies" as Fiach called them) to speak up more. But I just never do....

So, that was SoK. More details, I'm sure as more percolate to the surface.

ETA: Most embarrassing moment? I said the "f"-word in front of Sir Brand. I felt like I'd said it in front of my godmother. I wanted to wash my own mouth out....


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