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Second-Hand Songs
Words and Music ©1998 Jonathan Turner
All Rights Reserved
MP3 sample

Scanning channels on the radio
I hear what's hip and what's new
I don't pay too much attention
They're not expecting me to
You are not meant to listen
You are just meant to hear
Just get into the beat, just keep tapping your feet
Then forget it next year.

Most contemporary music bores me spitless. I confess this openly.

My coworkers have been trying to "update" my musical tastes. They have some sporadic success -- I discovered Jason Mraz and Josh Ritter via the Great Music Swaps we have at work. In return, I've infected them with Phoenyx, Tom Smith and Julia Ecklar. The ones who sound good. That's one of the problems with listening to filk. 

Filk? How to define filk? Self-referentially, of course. Filk music is what filkers listen to at filksings. Less circularly defined, it's music coming from the science fiction and fantasy fandoms, and the experiences of those fandoms and the people within those fandoms. Here's a good place to read a more detailed definition.

Can I tell you what filk is? No. I can't define it but I know it when I hear it. A bit like chivalry that way.
Or pornography.

The topics range from character analysis of popular television shows to the perils of cat ownership. There are songs about the space shuttle, Star Trek, dragons, role-playing and Tolkien. One of my favorites? Is a first person song of one of Tolkien's elves discovering the space program, travelling to the stars and learning that they are all suns. The chorus is in Tolkien's Elvish. Lyrical, ethereal, passionate.

The words touch me. I hold fast to them.



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I was discussing beauty with a friend, and talking about the idea of male beauty, as opposed to female beauty. I realized that my ideal of male attractiveness and beauty is different than the rest of society's -- and rather different than my persona's historical ideals, as well. 

I Want to be Peter Lorre
See the video of the live performance here! (words slightly different)
Words and Music: © 1988 Tom Smith- All Rights Reserved 

The curse of my existence is the "heroes" that I see,
And I can't do much for them not doing very much for me.
I can't identify with Magnum, P or I --
Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, and Michael Douglas leave me bored.

And the problem is, they Do.
I tell you -- Heroes these days! And the actors they choose to play them!
How exceedingly dull they are.
I confess to a.... socially atypical.... idea of male attractiveness. I really prefer my men to have some years in their faces. I like extraordinary noses. I like good voices. I like men with the marks of laughter on them. 

Orlando Bloom? In about 20 years, he might be good looking.
Leonardo DeCaprio? If he lives long enough, he might be interesting.
Keanu Reeves? The bushel basket is awfully big for that light....

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On the way home from Sport of Kings, I had an Unanticipated Passenger. What I had slated as a post-event de-tox (and, knowing the way my mind tends to work, self-flagellation seminar) turned into quite possibly the most electric 5-hour conversation I've had since the Linfield speech and debate team went to Bellingham.
I'd missed that kind of Good Talk. Brain-feeding Talk. Talk with substance in it. Talk with lots of flavors in it. Like you'd asked for food and, after months of unsalted crackers, someone gave you a Cobb salad.
One of the topics covered (besides SCA, heraldry, male and female social roles, SoK classes, etc.) was family.
My passenger had left a solid corporate career to move back with the parental units, learn the family business and take care of said parental units. Hanging out with and helping Mom. Learning the business from Dad. Helping out in the shop.
And I had this horrible surge of jealousy.
First of all, to have Dad. Second, to have that good of a relationship with Mom. I joked that I was "living with Mom and Dad myself" -- renting from Cat and Ralph -- but was told "that's not the same."
I agree. That's not the same.
Home for Christmas
Julia Ecklar
Hear the song here
I've come all the way home
Across miles that have filled up all the years
You knew it wasn't easy when you asked me.
But you stand here at the station
All alone, as if you knew that I'd be here
When you know that even I was not so certain.
And outside the snow is gray
Beneath the slated sky
Your cheeks are pale and drawn
Underneath your empty eyes.
All the way home. That's so far, it's not even possible anymore. So long as Mumma lived in the farmhouse, I could say that I was going home. Home was the place where I could step out of the back door and walk through the apple orchard to the barn door with my eyes closed and not stumble.
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by Doug McArthur
MP3 featuring performance by Kathy Mar

It's not so dark in the cave tonight
Just over here, there's a crack of light
Tomorrow is the day.
I heard the voices coming through the wall
They're digging for a brand-new shopping mall
They just knocked off for the day.

When I was a child, I was convinced that a magical world lay... just around the corner of everyday life. That those three steps with a wrought iron rail was not the remnants of a housefire -- instead, it was a magical portal to another realm and you could go there, if your life was bad enough.

I never tried to go through the portals. I think I would have crushed myself. Knowing, as a child knows things, that the option was available, that there was an escape...? That was the true treasure. That was where the gift of imagination started.

I can believe that, some day, they'll be digging in Britain and discover... something marvelous. And we'll all stare at it and say, "Who would have imagined?" And we'll find that someone, some dreamer, had -- and been summarily dismissed.

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DANGEROUS HEROES (partial mp3 here)
Words and Music by Michael Longcor (aka Duke Moonwulf)
Copyright ©1995 by Firebird Arts & Music/BMI

I was conceived in San Antonio, A gunshot from the Alamo
I knew the good guys wore white hats and heroes didn't cry
At nine I got a boy scout knife, At ten I nearly lost my life
Finding out that bicycles just don't fly.

All of my life I've had dangerous heroes
Superman and Peter Pan and Maverick and Roy,
All of my life I've had dangerous heroes
Dangerous heroes for a dangerous boy
Dangerous heroes play with dangerous toys.
This was my mother's life. I think she might have been happier as a boy -- her friends were all boys, her interests were boys' interests. I think I've seen her in an actual dress or skirt about three times in my life. (Plus the pictures of her wedding and her sister's wedding, where she was matron of honor.) When I see my stumbling struggle with femininity, inner and outward, I know I have to start here.
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Inspired by [profile] irismoonlight 's Thankful Thursdays....

I'm going to create my own tradition of posting some lyric or verse which moves me. I'd forgotten howmuch poetry and song affect me.

Today we're starting with something a little less esoteric and obscure than expected: Jason Mraz's Life is Wonderful from his album Mr. A-Z

So that's my philosophy and song thoughts for the week.


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